Designing advanced user interfaces

With more than 15 years of experience in custom projects development, we’ve gained rich experience in diverse design creation and user experience. Originally Softarex Design grew from one of Softarex's divisions that gradually became independent unit offering the newest generation of design creation.


We provide full stack of design phases, so at the end point you get complete requirements ready for development. You and developers will clearly understand how exactly application should be implemented so estimating become more accurate.


Requirements gathering


High fidelity
wireframes design


mockups design


Interactive prototype


Assets and
guidelines preparation


We leverage the industry’s best practices and our own expertise to offer our clients the ultimate choice for UX/UI design services. The table below shows our typical design process.

Requirements gathering, analysisMeetings notes, sketches of core pages (screens).
Design architectureScheme of all pages (screens) and their relationship. Sitemap, storyboard.
Design layoutWireframes of all possible pages, modals, alerts. Finish wording. Balsamiq, Axure source files.
Draw icons, infographicsExamples in use (mockups). Vector source files.
Design pixel-perfect mockupsPixel-perfect mockups of all unique screens, modals and alerts. Photoshop, Sketch source files.
Develop Interactive prototypeProject in InVsion
Prepare assets, guidelinesAll necessary graphics files (1x-3x). Project in Zeplin. UI kit.


Unlike most of others our designers have up to 10 years experience creating advanced, functionally rich user interfaces for services and tools for almost any industry, any platform.

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Healthcare and Medicine
E-learning and Communications
Energy and Utilities
Internet of Things
Social Media and


Dozens clients worldwide, for some of them we have made several projects.
Contact us for more details about our clients and examples of work.

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